Art Sketches For Tenders

A recent commission project saw me being responsible for the creation of art sketches within a tender document for the high profile event BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals. This was an important job as I was trusted to accurately convey the client’s vision for the space to in turn enable their own client, the BBC, to appreciate what was being proposed.

Given a site map and photographs of the key elements to be included I was responsible for illustrating the important architectural elements of the site (structures/lighting/signage), as well as getting the overall feel and atmosphere into the drawings.

My sketching style is relaxed and yet accuracy is maintained and therefore allows my clients to present their vision in a way that is easy to understand for those who would perhaps not have familiarity with reading architectural drawings/blueprints. Being able to show a project in this way is a huge benefit to my event and construction clients.


“Caishnah is a fantastic, collaborative and insightful designer and a pleasure to work with. She was able to take loose brief, and create striking, detailed and accurate images of ideas that up until that point had only existed in my imagination. By bringing my concepts to life in vivid colour (in a very short time frame) – our tender for BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals was successful and Caishnah’s artist impressions have been used on many occasions to encourage ideation, investment and participation in our unique event.”

— Katt Alexander, Project Manager